Information about regulations Covid 19

New safety regulations


Nautica Benaco and Gardarent are ready to offer to their customers the best safety measures for navigation and for their health. In Europe the sanitary situation is getting better, but we intend to assure the best serenity for our sailors.

Internal preventive measures:

Our business takes place in an open-air area, provided with large spaces and abounding in natural ventilation.

It is already for some years that we have been expanding and boosting the online reservation processes for all our boats, and we have enriched our website section dedicated to the information for sailors, in order to simplify the briefing and the check-in activities.

In order to guarantee safety, our collaborators work wearing masks and gloves, and all places and public areas are regularly cleaned with disinfecting products and specific equipment.

Reception areas are supplied with automatic hand sanitizing dispensers and disposable gloves for customers.

Easy reservation conditions:

Throughout 2020 season we have made our reservation conditions more flexible, in order to reduce the effects of these weeks of uncertainty.
It will be possible to cancel reservations without applying any penalty up to 7 days before the rental date, and it will be also allowed to change or postpone reservations without penalties as well.

Special navigation measures:
Ministry link guidelines for navigation and bathing:

Private pleasure boating:
The same regulations of housing units are valid. The primary measure remains "social distancing" of at least 1 meter, unless people on board live in the same housing unit.
Also relatives, if not cohabiting, must respect social distancing of 1 person for each linear meter of the boat. Mandatory is also the supplying of personal protection equipment for passengers, and the use of surface sanitizers.

Rental boats without skipper:
The same regulations of private pleasure boating are applied.
The cleaning of the boats is enhanced adding to the regular cleaning cycles a new sanitizing cycle, before and after each use by the customers. This sanitization concerns the whole boat, and it is carried out with particular care on the contact surfaces (rudders, controls, handles) and cushions.



In accordance to the new security measures, until we have new instructions the maximum number of persons permitted on board has changed as follows:







Brava 18


Ranieri Voyager 19S


Bayliner 185


Bayliner VR5


Capelli Freedom 20


Bayliner 652


Maxum 2000 SR


Sea Ray 220 SSE


Mostes Venere 25


Sea Ray 230 SEL


Sea Ray 240 SSE